9 May 2014

Haters: Nil Point

If you want to make sure you're in with a shot of winning Eurovision, then the best thing to do is piss of a bunch of small-minded bigots. Just ask Israel’s Dana International. In 1998 the trans singer received a barrage of hate and criticism in the run-up to the competition for being, well, a trans woman. Similarly, Ukraine’s gender-bending Verka Serduchka was the target of an angry petition calling for his removal from the contest in 2007.

Thankfully, both campaigns backfired spectacularly. Instead of removal, the heat generated by the petitions thrust the singers into the spotlight where fans of Eurovision’s celebration of difference and campery voted in their thousands, making a stand and defending them against the hateful minority - Dana International famously seized the winner’s trophy and Serduchka finished second place. 

And I have a feeling we'll see Conchita Wurst of Austria grab the top spot this weekend. The bearded drag superstar has been the target of a rather nasty campaign from homophobes-of-the-moment Russia and Belarus because, well, she's a bearded drag superstar.

But rather than buckle under the hate, I'm sure Eurovision will once again provide the rest of Europe with the best platform to stick two fingers up at those who wish to censor and silence lives not quite part of the norm and crown Conchita its new heroine.

Conchita Wurst and her fabulous beard - Deux Point.

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